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ITALCHINa, since 1985, is Taking Businesses To New Heights

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trust is everything

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Trust is the most important business and brand asset you manage, especially in relationships with customers, clients, employees, and stakeholders. Our economy works because people trust each other and the businesses they support.

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Don’t Settle For Less

Optimize Your Business Goals and Objectives

The COVID-19 outbrake and exponential innovation are forcing businesses to explore new ways. Our insights can help your company to adapt to current disruption forces to become more resilient, and effective.

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Business Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

The World is changing so fast, and businesses are required to adapt, innovate, build faster than ever. Italchina is here to help you building a new business roadmap.

  • Strategy during & post COVID-19
  • New business partners
  • New suppliers
  • New technologies
  • New production lines
  • Protection and extensions of IP & Trademarks 

Our Specialties

we started doing business before internet between italy & china, then we expanded our reach to multiple countries

We Can Do It All

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management Consulting


Market Research

products research

Mergers & Acquisitions

strategy for china & EUROPE

digital media strategy


LOGISTIC & Inspection

Trading raw materials

B2B matchmaking

Design & Engineering

transportation, Automotive, Motorbike & accessories

PPE Personal protective equipment sourcing

Industry, Manufacturing


What We Can Do For You

We know the business challenges of the international market: it is hard to determine if a new found company is trustworthy. Our targeted, in-depth understanding, and personalized analysis, made by professionals in the sector, can solve this problem. Our consultancy provides all the elements necessary to evaluate the feasibility of the deal, and the most appropriate strategies in terms of time and costs.


due diligence

Investigation, audit,  review, can help you to save time and money


We help you to see clearly which are your next moves that you should do


Thinking outside of the box, combining new technologies, disrupting old markets


We fix your plan to achieve long-term or overall goals even under these conditions of uncertainty

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

I’ve been in this business for 35 years, helping companies all over the World to accomplish high level performances.

The pattern is always the same: evolve or die!

Your competitor is probably in a country that you don’t know, coming from an another industry.

Have you ever heard of Steve Jobs or Elon Musk?

Software, and automation, are eating the world. It’s time to evolve, or to die.


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